The no-code API

testing solution

You build the API. We test it for you.

Get started with testing your

API's in minutes not days.


Why use API Monkey?

Forget about test engineers and testers with complex code to automate your API testing, API Monkey offers a self-service, cloud based REST API testing solution that can be easily used by business analysts, partners to help you in API adoption.

Write tests in minutes

Provide the swagger endpoint and get started in minutes.

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Pre-generated data

We build the data from the endpoints.

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Customize data

Not happy with the pregenerated data? Create and save your own.

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No set up required

No CI server or setup required. Your tests run on the cloud.

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Create and run a test in less than 2 minutes

4 simple steps to get started with your tests.


1. Import the API

Import the API endpoints from swagger/open API docs.

2. Generate the test data

We create the mock data based on the API definitions. You can modify the test data if this is not what you are looking for.


3. Add authentication(optional)

If your API cannot be access without tokens or apikey, add the required values.

4. Run

Run the tests and verify the results.


Coming soon

● Dashboard metrics for your API’s

● Import swagger docs

● Share your test metrics

● Run your tests at predefined schedule